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Your story isn’t finished 💛

Sunrises and working out have this weird, cool way of allowing me to feel more connected to God (even more connected to my dad these days 💔) and this may be random, but I just wanted to share my thoughts from todays run.💛

This weekend we were visiting Myrtle Beach and I was able to get up early (even after being up all night dealing with my daughters earache 😔) and have a much-needed sunrise beach run and let me tell you, it kind of blew my mind to see all the incredible changes around me that were happening in a matter of seconds! 🤯

The colors… the ocean… the texture of the air.. the birds… everything was changing in the most beautiful way!

I took pictures of the sunrise and then I went for a run. I wasn’t really excited for a run because my body hurts…I deal with a lot of chronic pain from surgeries, chemo and current meds, but there is something about a gorgeous sunrise that makes me want to run. So I ran.

I turned on the praise and worship station on pandora and I ran 5 miles through an incredible continually changing sunrise and then fog so heavy that I couldn’t see anything but my next few steps… but I kept running.

The fog lifted as I was still running and to my surprise, my hair had a complete layer of water droplets and my shirt was wet as if it had been raining… like I ran through a rain cloud I didn’t even know I was running through…sorta like the storms of life… sometimes we’re not really sure what we’re running through until it’s behind us. 🤷🏻‍♀️

If I slept in like I kind of wanted to, I would have missed it all— all of the beautiful changes in such a short amount of time! If we’re not paying attention, it’s so easy miss the beautiful work God is doing in our lives. Sometimes we miss it because we’re not present or because we’re sleeping or for many other reasons…we often miss it. But it doesn’t mean He’s not working on something incredible in our lives.

Sometimes we have to run through every painful step…We have to push through pain and discomfort and fatigue but we keep pushing through because we trust that God is up to something.

Sometimes the fog is so heavy that we can’t see anything around us other than our next few steps…but we keep pushing forward because we have faith and hope in God’s promises and in what lies ahead…or maybe we just have no other choice but to keep pushing forward. Thinking of what’s ahead can often seem scary or bring on anxiety or fear… especially when we’ve been down the same path before but it looked much different (kind of like when I was running on the beach and it was gorgeous and clear on the way down but I couldn’t see a thing or tell where I was on the way back because the fog was so heavy).

Change can be scary. Change can be sad..But change can also be beautiful. Sometimes we just want someone to take us from where we’ve been and make all things new … we feel like we just need a breakthrough.

In your brokenness… in your sadness… in your joy… in your questioning… in your celebrating…in your pain…just know God is with you… He is for you… and He’s still writing your beautiful, ever-changing story. 💛

Video sinrise compilation pictures above all taken within about a 20 minute time frame
Sunrise picture from this morning

(I do not own the rights to this music)

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