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My mission is to impact and empower women throughencouragement, community and all things health & fitness


As a survivor, my family and I were directly impacted by the effects of breast cancer. I experienced firsthand the effects and major challenges of cancer. However, having a positive mindset, good nutrition and staying active had incredible benefits through it all.


As I help women reach health & fitness goals through Rise Above, proceeds from my programs directly benefit and impact breast cancer survivors. 

Join our community of women as we support the breast cancer community while increasing strength (both physically and mentally), energy and mood, and decreasing anxietydepression, excess body fat and so much more. 


About Lisa

Health and fitness has been a lifestyle and a passion of mine for many years. From playing volleyball through college to competing as a professional figure competitor (in the world of bodybuilding) to fitness modeling along with being a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, health and fitness is my life.


Because I lived such a healthy lifestyle, receiving a breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 32 came as a total shock (even more so because I was still nursing my son, going on almost 2 years). Despite all that I've gone through, I know there is always purpose in the pain and I am grateful for the journey because my experience has ignited a new passion to help other cancer survivors in ways that were extremely helpful to me!

Click HERE to read my story. 



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