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Ways to get moving!  

Staying active is important for so many reasons! It is NOT a punishment for eating bad or for being overweight ... it is a way to:

  • Increase energy

  • Improve mood

  • Increase strength & endurance

  • Decrease reliance on medications

  • Decrease depression and anxiety 

  • Gain confidence 

  • Feel better 

  • Stabilize blood sugar levels

  • Increase your metabolism 

  • Increase daily productivity

  • Reduce risk of disease & recurrence (specifically breast cancer) 

  • And so much more...

So ladies, it is time to prioritize YOUR HEALTH instead of putting it on the back burner and trying to pour from an empty cup.

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March Fitness Calendar

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Daily Planner Worksheets

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February Fitness Calendar

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Workout Videos 

 Workouts offered by a Certified Personal Trainer and Cancer Exercise Specialist


Virtual Coaching with Certified Trainers to get you the results you're looking for!

FREE Coaching Group

An incredible community of women working towards bettering themselves!

In this group we offer free coaching calls, cooking demos, workouts, great content and an amazing community full of cupport, encouragement and guidance!

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Virtual Coaching

Virtual Coaching

An individualized monthly coaching plan will help you reach your goals faster.


Your trainer will develop a customized workout plan and with nutritional guidance, accountability, monthly coaching calls and support -- you will be an unstoppable team as you reach your goals!

90-Day Intensive Program


A Comprehensive Program that will transform you physically and mentally!


Over the course of the program we will reset your metabolism and teach you HoW to eat and exercise in a realistic and enjoyable way that will get you lasting results! 

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